Australia is a wonderful place to study and live. Islamic College of Brisbane is located in Queensland which is a vibrant multicultural tropical state. We are famously known for being a family orientated state with diverse cultures, food and outstanding sporting events.



Islamic College of Brisbane does not provide accommodation and does not accept welfare responsibility. All students must be either accompanied by a parent or living with an Immigration-approved adult.


Rentals in suburbs within close proximity of the school ranges between $300 to $450 per week. The following is a list of places where you can go to find advertisements for accommodation:


  • Newspaper classifieds e.g.
  • Real Estate websites e.g. www.


Suburbs in close proximity to the College

  • Calamvale
  • Kuraby
  • Logan Central
  • Underwood
  • Eight Mile Plains
  • Stretton
  • Algester
  • Woodridge
  • Marsden
  • Browns Plains
  • Drewvale
  • Karawatha
  • Kingston
  • Sunnybank Hills
  • Forest Lake


            Nearby Bus Stops and Train Stations

A GO Card is also needed to travel on buses and trains in Queensland. A GO card can be obtained by purchasing it online via the TransLink website or at local newsagent or at the train station. For bus and train timetables please refer to: or Phone: 13 12 30

Bus stops:

  • Winifred St near Chesterfield Cr
  • Strathmore St at Kuraby station, stop 92
  • Beenleigh Rd at Kuraby station, stop 92
  • Beenleigh Rd at Kuraby Primary School
  • Donegal St at Beenleigh Rd, stop 93
  • Beenleigh Rd near Stiller Dr



Train Stations:

Kuraby railway station: Kuraby railway station is located on the Beenleigh line in. It serves the Brisbane suburb of Kuraby.

Trinder Park railway station: Trinder Park railway station is located on the Beenleigh line. It serves the Logan suburb of Woodridge.



  • Kuraby Islamic Mosque

      Address: 1408 Beenleigh Rd, Kuraby QLD 4112

     Phone: 1300 133 956


  • Logan Bosnian Islamic Centre

Address: 2674F Logan Rd, Eight Mile Plains QLD 4113

Phone: (07) 3841 2504


  • The Islamic Society of Algester

Address: 48 Learoyd Rd, Algester QLD 4115

Phone: (03) 3272 4111


  • Australian Centre for Unity: Slacks Creek Mosque

Address: 16 Queens Rd, Slacks Creek QLD 4127

Phone: 0431 201 164


  • Logan City Mosque

Address: 262 Third Ave, Marsden QLD 4114


            Doctors in close proximity to the school


  1. Doctors @ Underwood

Address: 3215 Logan Rd, Underwood QLD 4119

Hours:   8am–6pm

Phone: (07) 3341 2444       


  1. Compton Mediclinic

Address: 57 Compton Rd, Underwood QLD 4119

Hours: 8am–5pm

Phone: (07) 3208 4000


  1. Sunnybank Hills General Practice

Address: 538 Compton Rd, Sunnybank QLD 4109

Hours: Open today • 7am–7pm

Phone: (07) 3711 1400


  1. Pacific Family Medical Practice Pty Ltd

Address: 5b/668 Compton Rd, Calamvale QLD 4116

Hours:  8am–5pm

Phone: (07) 3711 2280


  1. Australian After Hours Doctors

Hours: 4pm–8am

Phone: 1300 466 337


Social Customs

  • Polite Behaviour

Polite words such as “Please” and “Thank you” are very helpful when conversing with other people. Australians assume that people who do not say “please”, “thank you” or “no thank you” are being rude.

  • Custom when meeting/ greeting people

It is customary when meeting people that you shake hands and maintain eye contact but do not stare for too long as this is a sign of respect and an indication that you are listening.

  • Common Australian expressions/slang

Australians tend to shorten their words quite often and this can become confusing. Below is a list of commonly used words and phrases that you may find helpful:


o          This Arvo: This Afternoon Example: We will see you there this s arvo

o          Chook: A Chicken Example: Let’s have a chook for dinner

o          How ya going?: How are you? Example: How ya going mate?

o          Barbeque, BBQ, Barbie:  Outdoor cooking of usually chicken, meat or sea food on the grill. Example:  Come to the Barbie tonight!

o          Servo: Petrol Station. Example: I’m going to put fuel in my car at the servo.

o          Arvo:  Afternoon. Example: Come over to play soccer this arvo.

o          Cuppa: A cup of tea or coffee. Example:  It’s 3pm, time for a cuppa!

o          Bring a plate: Bring a dish of food to share with the other guests or friends at a gathering. Example: Bring a plate to the class party.

o          Snag: Sausage. Example: Put a sang on the barbie.

o          Dunny: Toilet. Example:  May I go the dunny please?

o          Fair Dinkum: Someone who is genuine. Example: Scott is fair dinkum; you can trust him.

o          Bloke: A man. Example: He is a good bloke.

o          Chuck a U-e: Make a U-turn. Example: Chuck a U-e at the next traffic light.

o          Flat Out: Very busy. Example:  She’s flat out at work.


            Public Holidays and Special Celebrations

Australians celebrate certain days with national meaning every year. Most states observe public holidays on the same day. However, some states celebrate on different dates or days only pertaining to their state.  In most cities, shopping malls, restaurants and public transport will continue to operate. 

New Year

New Years day is observed by all Australians. It is usually celebrated in Queensland by a festival of fireworks in South Bank.

Australia Day

Celebrated on 26 January, Australia Day is the day all Australians celebrate their nationhood.


Anzac Day is observed on 25 April. It is the day Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) arrived in Gallipoli in Turkey, 1915 during World War 1.

This day is to observe the memory of those who fought for our nations and those who lost their lives during the war.  Anzac ceremonies take place all over Australia to remember the fallen soldiers by laying wreathes at war memorials and military parades.

Many Australians observe this day by attending the National War memorial in Canberra or a war memorial in one of the capital cities for the traditional ‘Dawn Service”, which honours the arrival of the ANZACS at Gallipoli in the dark and dawning of that day.

 More information on public holidays and student free days can be found on our school calendar:


            Creating a Bank Account

You have the option of opening a bank account at any bank, credit union or building society in Australia. In order to open a bank account, you will need:

  1. Passport
  2. Proof of Address
  3. Money to deposit into the account, this can be as little as $10



            Setting up an Internet Connection & Mobile Phones

Before bringing your mobile phone to Australia check with the Australian Communications and

Media Authority to make sure it can operate here. Some countries, such as

Japan and the USA, use mobile phone networks that are not available in Australia. If not, you can

buy your mobile phone in Australia. There are a number of internet connections & mobile phone companies available in Australia such as Telstra, Virgin Mobile, Optus, iiNet and TPG. Be careful reading the terms and conditions before signing any contracts.


            Important Information and Emergency Contacts:

The Triple Zero (000) service is the quickest way to get the right emergency service to help you. It should be used to contact Police, Fire or Ambulance services in life threatening or emergency situations only. Emergency 000 lines should not be used for general medical assistance. For emergency matters please call: 000

  • For police assistance please call: 131 444
  • Translator service: or Phone: 1800 962 100
  • Life Line: this service provides crisis support, if you are feeling worried, sad, depressed, angry or confused about your studies or relationships. They are available 24 hours 7 days a week via phone counselling and are completely anonymous. Contact detail: 1800 551 800
  • For visa enquiries: Department of Immigration & Border Protection (DIBP), 299 Adelaide Street, Brisbane. Phone: 131 881


 Shopping Centres nearby:


The closest major shopping centres to ICB are:


  • Underwood Market Place

Address: 3215 Logan Rd, Underwood QLD 4119

Hours: 8:00am–9:00pm

Phone: (07) 3341 3699


  • Westfield Garden City

Address: Logan Rd & Kessels Rd, Upper Mount Gravatt QLD 4122

Hours: 9:00am –5:30pm

Phone: (07) 3135 5450


  • Sunnybank Hills Shoppingtown

Address: 661 Compton Rd, Sunnybank Hills QLD 4109

Hours: 8:30am–5:30pm

Phone: (07) 3273 5611


  • Sunnybank Plaza

Address: Mains Rd & McCullough St, Sunnybank QLD 4109

Hours: 9:00am –5:30pm

Phone: (07) 3345 7500


  • Westfield Carindale

Address: 1151 Creek Rd, Carindale QLD 4152

Hours: 9:00am–5:30pm

Phone: (07) 3120 5400



            Seasonal Considerations

The summer season in Australia is from December to February. Autumn is from March to May. Winter usually lasts from June to August, and spring is from September to November.  Queensland usually only experiences a “winter” period of mild to warm temperatures and a summer period of humid hot temperatures and monsoon rainfalls.