As long as the heart is not honest, the faith of a servant cannot be sincere. As long as the tongue is not sincere the heart cannot be sincere.

- Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

College Books

The school has a contract with a book supplier for pre-packed books for each year level. Parents can either buy the books themselves or place orders through the school for the pre-packed books. It is strongly recommended that all children purchase the pre-packed books so that there is uniformity in the class regarding books.

School's Text Book Loan Scheme

As a service to parents, this school operates Textbook Hire Scheme to enable all students to benefit from a large range of textbooks for all subjects. For this Scheme to operate effectively it is important that hiring contributions are paid promptly. This Scheme saves parents in terms of money and they are also freed of the time consuming task of tracking down the right textbooks from various sellers.